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The following timeline and activities will be monitored and evaluated weekly under consideration of King County COVID levels, facility density and record of health for athletes and staff. The terms and conditions are subject to change based on these factors, as well as our evolving knowledge of the COVID-19 virus. 


March 15, 2021

  • Youth Athletes will be eligible to opt-in to partnerships for doubles and pairs under the following conditions:

    • Both families sign and return GPRF Doubles / Pairs Waiver.  

    • Partnerships are fixed until the end of the session (April 16th).  We will re-evaluate the situation again in early April with the potential to scale up to bigger boats or change partners.

    • Doubles and pairs will be a component of the training regimen. Athletes will rotate through doubles, singles and pairs.

    • We do not intend to rank or race doubles outside of practices. Removing the need to identify the fastest combination by trying multiple partnerships will reduce contacts.

    • Athletes are required to observe physical distancing of 6 feet when at the facility and on the dock.

    • Athletes are required to wear masks when at the facility and on the dock.

    • Maintain handwashing and sanitization protocols.

    • Self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

    • Report symptoms or infections of COVID-19 in you or a close contact to Helen Tilghman and partner.



Process to opt-in to social doubles / pairs:

  1. Identify partnership

  2. Download, read and sign form.

  3. Completed forms can be:

    1. Scanned and emailed to:

    2. Dropped off with Helen Tilghman, PRC Youth Head Coach or Rachael Arand, PRC Member Services Rep.

  4. Athletes will review terms with Helen Tilghman at practice. 

Team Boat Rowing: Timelines and Criteria
Youth Athletes
 (March 10, 2021)
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