The goal of the Management Committee at the Pocock Rowing Center is to be a liaison between membership and the Operations Director and Foundation. The MC meets monthly to discuss boathouse goals, identify issues, and come up with solutions. We are a group of 10 elected members who each serve for a 2-year cycle. We love hearing from you and supporting your interests, so please reach out to one of us in person with questions, or email the MC at

Athlete, Youth Parent, GPRF Board member

Andrea is a CPA with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance from La Salle University. She has been a member of the Pocock Foundation Board of Directors since 2004 where she serves as Treasurer of the organization. She is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants. Andrea represented the U.S. on the 1995 Pan American rowing team and now enjoys spending time with her family, rowing, and running marathons.



Professional: President, Distinguished Specialty (an insurance program management firm) Bellevue WA
Personal: Live in Madrona, married to Nancy Chase, two grown daughters
BA Economics, University of Connecticut (the other Huskies)
Other interests include skiing, cycling, hiking.
In 2014, having just moved to Seattle, Brooks' daughter introduced him to Seattle by bringing him to Opening Day. Watching the races and striking up a conversation with an Ancient Mariner (Lenny) renewed a past passion for rowing that he had in high school and college. He subsequently enrolled in a Pocock Learn to Row class which led to joining the Mixed Masters Team. The MMT gang exhibited no evidence of the “Seattle Freeze”, in fact, quite the opposite, they have become not just teammates, but dear friends to Brooks. For the last five years, PRC has been a perfect source of socialization and exercise.
Brooks has always been involved in the communities where his family has lived and he is excited for the opportunity to give back to an organization that has been such an important part of his life in Seattle.



George started sculling a neighbor's Pocock Wherry the Summer of 1969. He then turned out for the University of Washington crew in the fall of 1970, part of the class of 1974. He was a slow learner and coach Dick Erickson also allowed him to row in 1975. He was small for a rower so after the spring season of 1975 I lost 20 pounds and turned out for the US Lightweight Team and went as the lightweight spare to the World Championships in Nottingham, England.

He worked for 39 years as a general dentist retiring at the end of 2018. He started rowing again in 2004, beginning with sculling at Green Lake, then sweep and scull with the Pocock men's team and then graduating to the Ancient Mariners Rowing Club.



I joined the Pocock Rowing Center about 25 years ago and it has been a very important part of my life since. I first rowed for Seattle Yacht Club which became Montlake Rowing Club.

Besides the physical benefits of our sport, it has given me community, friendship, confidence, competitive spirit and not least, the chance to contribute to efforts to make these benefits available to everyone who wants to get in a boat.
I retired from my position at the UW as Director of Graduate Admissions, which included assisting 300 graduate programs in recruiting and retaining underrepresented applicants and students. I feel that this experience will help PRC work through some of the issues that have been laid bare over the last year.

The events of this extraordinary year have had a profound impact on me personally. My family is biracial. I thought I understood what living here is like for my husband, sons and grandchildren but I didn’t.

There will be no magic bullets but doing nothing is no longer possible for me.



After years of renting houseboats on Portage Bay, Joe joined Pocock in 2014 to learn how to row after graduating from UW with a Master’s in Environmental and Marine Affairs. Currently a Project Manager at King County Parks, Joe manages community and partner engagement for the Eastrail, a new 42-mile trail with sections of light rail that will connect the communities of East Lake Washington to Snohomish County.
Prior to his time at King County, Joe was a Communication Specialist at NOAA, where he specialized in oil spill and hazardous waste restoration efforts. When not spending mornings at Pocock and Le Fournil, Joe and his wife Emily focus on spoiling their dog Pepper with long day hikes or time in the mountains.

Joe currently rows with the Masters Sculling Team and strongly supports Pocock’s efforts to create a more diverse and welcoming boathouse for all community members.


Athlete , GPRF Board member

At the advice of her parents, Meg began rowing at Buckingham Browne & Nichols in Cambridge, MA. She went on to row at Connecticut College, where she was a recipient of the Anita DeFrantz Award for excellence in athletics. Although her favorite medal is from the Head of the Charles, Meg has competed (and coached) nationally and internationally for many years and has had some of the best experiences of her life due to rowing and the people she has met through the sport (Meg met her husband Peter next to an erg at the Pocock Rowing Center).

She rows with the PRC Competitive Women's Team and is the President of, the #1 website dedicated to high-end residential property.



On the water: Stephanie walked on to her college rowing team at Union College in upstate NY and fell in love with the sport of rowing. After graduation, Steph then took a detour south to Austin, TX where she rowed with the Austin Rowing Club and ate a lot of tacos. Upon landing in Seattle, Steph joined the Women's team at Pocock. She enjoys that she can always find a group of competitive-minded people no matter what boathouse she walks into around the country.

Off the water: Steph came to Seattle in 2010 to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Washington, and since 2016 has been at the Allen Institute for Brain Science doing various "brain stuff." Steph brings her nerdiness to most everything, especially organizational spreadsheets. In her free time, Steph enjoys cycling, hiking, and generally taking in the beauty of the PNW.



A Seattle native, T took up rowing as an adult after moving back to Seattle permanently following graduate school in 2011. Rowing's combination of focused teamwork, physical rigor, and intense competition provided the former college football player the competitive outlet he was looking for and he has been competing at regattas ever since. After serving as the captain of the Men's Nationally Competitive Team at Lake Union Crew from 2015-2016, T joined PRC in 2016 and has served as a captain for the PRC Men since joining the boathouse.

Professionally, T serves as a Principal on the Corporate Business Development team at Amazon, negotiating and structuring complex transactions for the company such as acquisitions, licenses, and product partnerships. Prior to Amazon, T served as a Director at Paul Allen's holding company, Vulcan, running strategy for the Innovation Lab and managing sports technology for Vulcan's sports holdings.

T earned a BA in Economics and Government from Claremont McKenna College, and an MBA from Duke University. T's wife Beth is also a member of PRC and enjoys sculling and joining the PRC Men in their weekly erg sessions.


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