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Adult Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to become familiar with the sport and/or a good place to start before becoming a member.

Private lessons are also a fun, outdoor gift for a friend or loved one.  

Are you interested in purchasing private lessons at PRC? Check out how to do so below. 



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Flexible Scheduling

Middle School Rowing and Fitness Club is

Maximum 4 Participants

The process for private lessons is as follows. Please complete this process in this order, as it will help us keep the lesson requests organized and get you in touch with a coach quicker.

  • Each prospective client fills out this online form.

  • The PRC Member Services Representative assigns the client to a coach.

  • The client creates a MindBodyOnline profile/signs online waivers. Find the link for the waivers here. Click "Update your waiver" to get started. Once you sign the waivers it will automatically create a MindBodyOnline profile for you with the same email and password. 

  • Once you log onto MindBodyOnline, add a credit card to be charged for the lessons. You can also check your scheduled lessons here as well as any purchases/account activity. 

  • The coach reaches out to the client to set up the lessons and tells PRC the scheduled lesson dates/times. 

  • Client is charged for the lessons by the Member Services Rep and schedule is added to client's MBO account. 

  • The coach and client can then set up future lessons.

Email for assistance.

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