COVID-19 Updates

Current Boathouse Status: Open to Private Boat Owners and Members using club-owned singles.

Closed to Youth Athletes. 

Please read these boathouse communications for further details and new practices.

Youth Athletes

Make sure you are on GroupMe, Slack or Teamsnap to receive daily workouts, coaching and videos.

You can also log your workouts and earn prizes. Check in with your coaches to see what your team is doing. 


Connect with us on social media to keep us updated on what you and your families are doing. #coroNOdaysoff, @pocockrowingcenter

Look for email communications from Youth Coaches with team updates.  

Adult Athletes

Be sure you are on Corée's email list to receive the weekly emails about training.

Check our Facebook Page for a schedule of streaming workouts.

If you have an idea for a way to maintain our community, please reach out to Alex Mann for Youth Programs and Rachael Arand for Adult Programs.
If you have a good rowing story or essay, please submit it to Rachael Arand for inclusion in our newsletter or on our blog

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

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