As of January 3, 2022


PRC Adult Program Manager

This full-time position is responsible for the administration and programming of the adult rowing experience at the George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center.


This position is posted during a period of transition for the George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPRF) and PRC. By December of 2022, the adult rowing programs at the PRC will be governed by a new organization, separate from the GPRF.  This position has the potential to evolve to a leadership role in the new organization.  


The Adult Program Manager (APM) reports to the  GPRF Director of Rowing Operations.


The Ideal Candidate for this role builds supportive, inclusive teams and:

·   Is passionate about rowing as a lifelong sport

·   Appreciates the wide range of interests and needs present in adult competitive and recreational athletics

·   Promotes rowing as a social, community activity

·   Is organized, strategic and a strong communicator

·   Brings creative, positive energy to the boathouse each day

·   Respects the shared legacy of the Pocock family


Role Expectations and Responsibilities

We have identified the following overlapping expectations and responsibilities as key to success in the role.


Membership Services

The APM is responsible for contact with the membership and public. They reply to phone and email communication in an accurate, timely fashion. The APM performs new member orientations, manages members’ online profiles and manages  private boat storage. They schedule private lessons for adult athletes. The APM manages facility access for adult athletes and coaches. 



The APM creates and utilizes systems to ensure clean audits of registrations, payments and required paperwork. They track daily, monthly and annual participation trends. The APM manages the budgets for travel, coaching wages and program expenses. They are responsible for collecting and recording all fees and account balances.  The APM maintains the annual log of volunteer hours.


Program Management

The APM ensures programs offered to adult members are relevant, consistent and of high quality. They identify and work to eliminate gaps in accessibility and offerings for programs, events and membership at the PRC.  The APM develops, supervises and retains coaches to ensure long-term sustainable programming. They work with the Management Committee (MC) to send regular surveys on coaching and the member experience to ensure the needs of the membership are met.


Logistic Management

The APM is responsible for the logistics of practice, equipment and coach scheduling, regatta management, adult travel and other endeavors of the adult population. They will work with GPRF Operations staff to report and facilitate repairs and maintenance to equipment and facilities.



The APM’s communication skills are based in observant, active listening.  They are strong in personal, group, and written communication. They are responsible for the collective communication streams of the adult program, including weekly newsletters, social media posts and the website. They provide regular, written reports on activities to the Management Committee, the Director of Rowing Operations and the membership.



The APM brings together adult athletes with a variety of backgrounds and needs to form a community and achieve their goals. The APM supervises the efforts of the adult coaching staff in a positive, trauma-sensitive instructional environment. The APM presents a stable, confident approach during a period of evolution in the relationship between the GPRF and the PRC. They work to manage resources equitably, in accordance with the vision of the MC and cooperatively with the PRC Youth programs.



Working with the MC, the APM identifies, develops and executes initiatives designed to serve the vision of the adult program and membership. They are responsible for the sustainable pipeline of new athletes and the pathway of adult athlete development. They form and nurture relationships with outside organizations for competitive, social and community service opportunities.



The APM models teamwork for the multiple adult teams within the PRC. They are comfortable reporting to, and working with volunteer boards and committees to pursue agreed-upon initiatives. They will be responsible for executing agreements for sharing space and equipment with GPRF programs within the PRC. The APM will work with GPRF Staff to ensure a positive environment at the PRC.


Forward Looking

The APM is adept at planning; their work will set the organization on a path for success in 2023. They seek to increase the racial diversity of the membership of the Pocock Rowing Center by collaborating with the Inclusion Project, a subcommittee of the Management Committee. The APM is at the forefront of changes in the identity and delivery of adult rowing in the region.


 Qualifications include

·   2-4 years coaching experience demonstrating a commitment to adult rowing or athletics.

·   2-4 years of professional experience that demonstrates ability to fill these roles and responsibilities 

·   Rowing experience strongly preferred

·   Experience and comfort in a multicultural environment

·   Candidate must satisfactorily complete a background check


Personal Attributes

Strong interpersonal skills are valuable to the current and future members of the organization. Enthusiasm and advocacy for adult athletics are important to earning trust of the membership. Management skills are necessary in working with staff and volunteers.


The Adult Program Manager works daily in the following systems, and may be expected to be able to teach others to use:   Google and Microsoft Suites,  MindBody Online,  iCrew,  MailChimp, Wix,       Instagram, Facebook et al.

Benefits:  Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, 401k, Paid Time Off.

Please send your cover letter and resume to Patty Finney :  apply@pocockfoundation.org


The George Pocock Rowing Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

Youth Team Coaches

We are looking for several coaches for our youth program. 

Pay rate:  $18 - $20/hour, depending on experience
Coaching hours: afternoons up to 10 hours per week
Boathouse location: 3320 Fuhrman Ave E. Seattle, WA 98102

Job Description: Assistant Coach, Youth Programs

  • Ensure the safety and security of participants and guests at the Pocock Rowing Center.

  • Abide by policies laid out in the PRC Safety Manual, Coaching Manual, Employee Guide and Member Handbook.

  • Attend team practices and regattas as agreed upon with supervisor.

  • Attend mandatory scheduled staff meetings.

  • Support and promote all PRC/GPRF policies, procedures and activities.

  • Communicate with your team, fellow staff and supervisor on a regular basis about items relating to safety, athlete development, facility and equipment use and other pertinent topics. 

  • Support activities, events and initiatives of the Pocock Rowing Center, including and team-specific PRC-sponsored events.


  • Provide high quality teaching in the technical, physiological, and mental aspects of athletic performance in the sport of rowing. 

  • Provide constructive feedback to rowers during practice. 

  • Motivate rowers in a positive environment.

  • Maintain discipline with regard to PRC policies as well as team-centric standards. 


  • Create a positive learning experience and environment for rowers and coxswains.

  • Cultivate and contribute to a positive, welcoming boathouse culture and community.

  • Promote teamwork.

  • Build trust with athletes in order to further their development in the sport.

  • Advance program growth and ensure athlete retention. 

  • Build effective relationships within the PRC community to further the 1PRC Boathouse. 

Specific to  Assistant Coach, Youth Programs

  • Develop athletes and coach crews at the direction of the Head Coach.

  • Function as a resource for the athletes, complementary to the Head Coach. 

  • Execute practice plans as decided upon by the Head Coach.

  • Support the Head Coach’s initiatives, creation of team culture and performance.

  • Support the Head Coach’s administrative tasks, such as roster management, tracking of attendance and athletic results. 

  • Take responsibility for selecting and preparing assigned boats for competition at the direction of the Head Coach.

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information. 

To apply for an open position, please send a resume and cover letter
to apply@pocockfoundation.org.