November 3, 2021.

ECSP has worked with WSDOT ​to open a new parking lot between Harvard and Eastlake Ave (the "Triangle") for parking 40 vehicles. This lot is now available to PRC members and is only a 3 minute walk from the boathouse.


The Triangle Parking Lot will require payment starting November 8, 2021. PRC will fully cover these costs by having members use a code when parking. 

Members will need to follow the instructions below to park their car in the Triangle Parking Lot. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

General Notes

  • Parking is intended for use by members while rowing.

  • PRC is no longer using the ECSP Lot on Eastlake Ave. 

  • Independent patrol staff issue tickets for unauthorized vehicles. 

  • Parking passes are not necessary, just use of the app. 

  • 40 Spaces in "The Triangle" between Harvard Ave E and Eastlake Ave E are fully available to PRC members. 

Instructions for Adult Rowers Parking in the Triangle Lot

Registration for parking is required at all times except before 7am on weekdays.

1. Download the ParkMobile app on your phone (downloadable from the Apple APP Store or Google Play Store.
2. Configure the ParkMobile app to include your method of payment and vehicle information, including license plate number.

3. Enter the parking Zone Number:  21101 (also shown on the signs posted at the lot)

4. Select the length of time you wish to park. 

5. The cost that shows up will initially be based on the default rate of $2.50 per hour.

6. Press the Proceed to Checkout button.  Then, on the payment screen, press "Add Promo Code" under the price displayed. 

7. Enter the Promo Code for adult rowers:  PRC421A.  This will grant you free parking.  This promo code will be changed every quarter, but only needs to be entered the first time that you register for parking during that quarter.

8. Press the "Start Parking" button to begin your parking session.

Parking Picture.JPG

How you can help

There are a number of ways we can work together to reduce our use of the parking lot.  There are numerous benefits to both the environment and our community in all of these items:

  • Carpooling to PRC reduces traffic and builds community. Team meeting points can reduce the burden of carpools. 

  • Riding a bike is a great way to get to PRC and get a warm-up as well.

  • There are number of rideshare apps to explore. 

  • King County Metro can be an option for many of our daytime users. Over 50% of some regional youth teams take the bus to and from practice. 


PRC has formed an LLC, Eastlake Community Service Partners (ECSP), to secure parking for our clients and members. These spaces are shared by PRC, MoveMend, Seattle Spine and Sports Medicine and Wallace-Solhaug Dentistry.