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Back Your Boathouse At The PRC Auction

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Congratulations on a great fall season of rowing! Watching athletes of all ages come together to train and compete has once again demonstrated the awesome power of the People of PRC. Working with our coaches, captains, volunteers and boosters for the betterment of the Pocock Rowing Center illustrates a depth of talent and investment that is unmatched by rival clubs. This place is amazing!

The 2018 PRC Auction Fund-A-Need

Our annual auction is on Saturday, November 17th (RSVP) and you're invited! This fundraising event is celebration of everything we love about PRC - community, friends, teamwork, hard work, racing, and more.

The Fund-A-Need portion of this year's auction will ensure our athletes train and compete in the best equipment, and will help us maintain a modern fleet of (fast and fun) boats. The Fund-A-Need Goal is to raise $60,000.

Proceeds from the Fund-A-Need will support a number of items up for renewal and expansion of our fleet and equipment:

  • 15 Inflatable Lifejackets for coxswains

  • 8 RP3 dynamic ergometers to improve our land training.  

  • Men's 8 as part of equipment turnover

  • Racing Double as part of equipment turnover

  • Racing Four as part of equipment turnover

  • Maas Aero as part of equipment turnover

Become Part of the PRC Legacy By Naming A Boat

If you are interested in leaving a significant legacy at the Pocock Rowing Center by purchasing the naming rights for one of our new boats, please contact Padraic directly.  Opportunities range from $6,000 - 15,000.

As to the goals of the Pocock Rowing Center, I wanted to touch on elements of the Pocock legacy that we all have in common.  For young people, George believed rowing could build character and instill confidence by teaching commitment, diligence, humility and cooperation. For competitors, rowing could be a test of that character and an opportunity to 'reach the stars'.  For the rest of us, George believed in the power of rowing as an art that brought out the best in people.  Many of us, including me, have been part of multiple stages of this legacy. 

We hope to see you at the auction!  If you can't make it to the event, please consider making a donation in lieu of attend

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