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Welcome Summer Coaching Staff!

With the warm weather, full programs and summer vacations of our hard-working coaches, we've expanded the PRC staff. These coaches bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our community. If you see them around the boathouse, please say hello. Also, don't be surprised to see them filling in for regular staff as they spend time with family and have adventures of their own this summer.

Welcome aboard, coaches!

Clara Rasmussen (PRC 2019) is an experienced athletic instructor who grew up on the waters of Portage Bay. A captain of the Varsity girls this year, Clara brings a deep love of the sport and Pocock to our middle school campers, (AKA the next generation of PRC youth athletes) while balancing fun with learning. Clara will be rowing at the University of San Diego in the fall and coaching our introductory camps this summer.

Noah Pingul (PRC 2019) Noah joins Clara in our proud tradition of athletes who share their knowledge and experience with the future PRC youth team. Noah brings a thorough sense of purposeful rowing to our middle school campers while ensuring their safety on the waterways. Noah will be rowing at St. Joseph’s University in the fall and coaching our introductory camps this summer.

Katie Chicojay (Colby 2018) recently graduated from the UW School of Marine Affairs. Katie brings a voice of clear instruction and a wide range of experience in college and high school to our coaching staff. We are fortunate to have Katie continue coaching through the summer with the Mixed Masters Team. Katie also coached the first season of our Recreational High School Team this spring.

Magda Vidal (Middlebury 2022) moved to the Seattle this summer to train in small sculling boats and coach. Magda is an experienced coach, from her home club of Beaver Creek Sculling. Magda brings charisma and a proven ability to teach to our high school introductory camps this summer.

Dillon Montgomery (PRC 2015) will be working with PRC in two capacities this summer. He will be working with our Foundations group, which is designed to set up our youth athletes for growth, preparing them to be competitive in the fall. Dillon will also be running his Endurance Academy sessions out of PRC in the mid-day, when the Zesbaugh Fitness Center is open. An experienced coach, Dillon brings a studious approach to endurance training.

Ian Melder (PRC 2016, Gonzaga 2020) will be working with our PRC Youth team this summer in addition to the Competitive Adult Sweep Team. An experienced youth coach, Ian also brings an appreciation of PRC, rowing and sport to our coaching team. Ian’s dedication to the effort and persistence required in the sport of rowing, as well as the detail involved in its execution will impact the athletes with whom he works.

Dennis Ferrer (UW 2016) will be working with Coach Alex Mann to coach our regional summer youth High Performance Camp, “Cascade Acceleration”. An experienced coach, Dennis brings a wealth of experience working with athletes of every ability to our team. Dennis’ energy and belief in, and pursuit of the ability to do things better is a great addition to our team.

Julia Paulsen (PRC 2014, UW 2018) will be working alongside Coaches Alex and Dennis with the Cascade Acceleration HP team. Julia is also an experienced coach, spending the past year with UW Women’s Rowing. With the ability to balance challenge with encouragement, Julia will put our athletes in a position to grow.

Kayla Buchmeier (Gonzaga 2019) will also be working with the HP team this summer. A cross-sport athlete from Bainbridge Island, Kayla will share her can-do attitude with a great group of athletes. Recently returning from NCAA Championships, Kayla will apply her experiences and ability to communicate to teaching the nuances of competition and athleticism to our summer campers.

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