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As of August 2022

Currently, PRC is open to adult members and youth athletes rowing in club and private boats of all sizes. 

As the COVID pandemic has evolved, so has our organizational response. This outline refreshes our mitigation strategy and details an adjustment to our decision making structure. 

Vaccinations: Required at PRC; exemptions considered. 


Masks: Masks will no longer be required inside or outside of the boathouse effective March 12, 2022. Please remain respectful of your teammates who elect to wear masks, we all need to do what is best for ourselves.

Team Boats:  Vaccination required to row in team boats at PRC. 

Boat Washing: Not required as a COVID mitigation.  Recommended weekly by Chuck for cleanliness. 

Testing / Youth: Testing is recommended, but not required for outdoor sports for K-12.  

Testing: Adults: We recommend adult athletes test if they are exposed to symptomatic or positive testing close contacts. 

Return to rowing after covid symptoms or positive test:  Asymptomatic athletes may return to the boathouse 5 days after the onset of symptoms per CDC. 

Close Contacts testing positive:  If you were exposed to someone with covid, you are vaccinated and not showing symptoms, you may be at the boathouses per CDC

Tracking COVID cases:  By requirement, we report positive covid tests of athletes who've visited our facility while contagious to King County. 

Youth Travel: As of Feb 12, the boathouses intends to require vaccination or 72 hour negative PCR test in order to travel to an overnight regatta. Tests are required by WA DOH for athletes in multi day competition. We intend to comply with this guideline. 


This chart outlines our current responsibilities for decisions regarding COVID in our facilities. In order to quickly and appropriately respond to fluctuating risk conditions, our program directors and coordinators are taking the lead on daily mitigation and management of COVID.  Our team meets weekly to assess the situation. 


Designated COVID Coordinator

Padraic McGovern, Director of Rowing Operations:  Oversight over general organizational response, facility restrictions, staff safety, adult teams


COVID Coordinators

Helen Tilghman: Youth Program Coordinator: Responsibility for youth program education, tracking close contacts and covid cases, pods, and team boat rowing decisions. 


Patty Finney: GPRF Administrative Director:  Office safety and L & I compliance, King County workplace compliance, staff PPE. 


Strategy:  Our strategy for rowing during COVID relies heavily on athletes to self-identify COVID symptoms and remain away from the boathouse while ill. The vaccination requirement at the PRC supports the safety of our athletes by minimizing risks of serious illness and death. Training pods, alternate starting times and distancing would help control the extent of an outbreak should one occur. Coaches communicating with team captains, athletes and families is a critical system of monitoring local factors (school, travel etc.) that may increase the risk of a team outbreak.  Our team continually tracks local data and other rowing and athletic organizations' responses.


As we've said often, and can't say it often enough, we appreciate our community's respect of one another through your preventative actions.   

Volunteer Hours: The PRC Management Committee, on behalf of all PRC members, appreciates and would like to acknowledge the numerous volunteer hours, both large scale and small little tasks, that may have gone unrecognized over the past two years while the pandemic limited all boathouse activities. As Covid protocols are pivoting, the PRC is reestablishing the required 10 annual volunteer hours for members. Your volunteer hours are critical to the upkeep of our equipment and building. Thanks for continued efforts as we re-enter being more active throughout the boathouse. 

Annual PRC volunteer requirement overview 

  • 10 annual required volunteer hours for members. These hours can be completed in larger chunks, or in smaller tasks. Example tasks include cleaning the boat bays, boat or erg maintenance, helping out with a learn to row class. 

  • Whatever best fits your schedule please just remember to submit your completed volunteer hours here.

  • If you are unable to complete your hours, members will be charged $15 per incomplete hour. Tasks not completed by volunteers are handled by paid staff or external vendors hence the increase to $15/hour from the previous $10/hour to keep pace with labor costs.

  • In appreciation for the significant time given to the boathouse in the course of their service, team captains, members of the Management Committee, and members of the Transition Committee do not need to record their volunteer hours.

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Update your waiver

Our Waiver now includes a COVID-19 portion and is tied to your MindBody Online Account. 

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How to Reserve Club Boats 

Read this handy tutorial to get started on reserving dock time and club equipment, even if you already have an iCrew Account.

Register for iCrew

Register for an iCrew account (free) with the registration code "george"

Reserve Singles

Members may reserve club 1x in advance 3 times per week. There are unlimited 'grab and go's' booked within 30 minutes of your row. 

Private boat must still be reserved, but usage is unlimited.

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