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What is Row Studio?

We are a fast-paced, fun, Erg-centered workout. We offer endurance, HIIT, and strength focused classes throughout the week. Classes are beginner friendly, and are a great workout for our current members.

What equipment do we use?

We use the Concept2 rowing machine. The machine trusted by all serious rowing programs to develop their athletes. We'll combine our work on the rowing machine with your fully equipped gym.

Who instructs?

Only the best. Our "Coaches" have some serious athletic experience behind them, and have competed at some of the highest levels of competitive rowing. They will make you work!


Rhythm Row


Prepare to put down some miles! Our Boatraces class pushes your endurance by introducing you to rowing pieces popular with on-water rowing teams. Combined with challenging conditioning work, you'll quickly build a body fit for Crew!

Row Burn


We’ve put together a fast paced workout mixing high-intensity pieces on the rower with bodyweight conditioning work. By working in a variety of high-intensity work, you'll keep your body guessing. Embrace the burn!

Row Strong


Rowers are renowned for their all-round strength, developed to power a 1 ton vessel through the finish line. We change up the intensity of these classes to combine work on the rower with heavier weights. Our powerful compound movements build functional explosive strength.


10:00 - 10:45am, Fundamentals with Coach Brooke


8:00 - 8:45am, Rhythm Row with Coach Mia


7:15 - 8:00am, Row Burn with Coach Warren

12:00 - 12:45pm, Row Strong with Coach Mia


7:30 - 8:15am, Row Burn with Coach Brooke


7:15 - 8:00am, Row Burn with Coach Grant

9:00- 9:45am, Rhythm Row with Coach Kevin


7:15 - 8:00am, Row Strong with Coach Kevin

12:00 - 12:45pm, Rhythm Row with Coach Haley


Member Pricing

Single class: $7.60

10 - pack: $53

Unlimited sessions: $69/month 

Non-member Pricing

Single class: $20

10 - pack: $160

Unlimited sessions: $175/month


Haley Sive started coaching at the Pocock Rowing Center in 2014. She grew up rowing on the Mohawk River in Upstate New York starting at age 11. At Bates College, Haley competed in four NCAA Championships, placing second four consecutive years. After Bates, Haley joined the Small Boat Training Center at Craftsbury Outdoor Center to try out for the U23 World Trials in the women's pair. Haley has been coaching part time since 2012. When not on the water, Haley does web and graphic design and works at Sea Wolf Bakers in Wallingford.


_DSC7282 Mia.jpg

Recent grad of the NCAA National Championship Cal Berkeley team, Mia is still finding ways to push the envelop and get a good sweat. Now days, you can find her going hiking, running around Lake Union, being a rowing coach at Pocock, and of course, keeping in touch with the erg. She loves nothing more than a good healthy competition and dreaming about her F1 mini (roughly 35 pounds) Goldendoodle that she wants sooner than later.

Mia has a hefty rowing background in addition to NCAA Championships at Cal. She has also raced on the USA Junior National Team as well as the U23 team National Team. She knows how to erg and erg hard. Mia is really excited to be leading erg studio classes, and you can expect nothing less than a good hard workout. One of her cornerstone beliefs is that "no workout is complete until you're sweating through your clothes."



Kevin Fujii is a Pocock Rowing Center coach with a USRowing Level II Coaching certification. He served as Texas Christian University Crew’s technical director and head coach and assisted with learn-to-row programs in Seattle and Fort Worth, Texas. Kevin currently trains and competes with Pocock’s men’s masters sweep team. He is also an outdoor educator teaching and guiding with certifications in mountain biking, kayaking, SUPing, downhill skiing and mountaineering. Kevin returns to the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two rescue dogs. You can learn
more about Kevin on his website



Warren currently works with our adult sculling and sweep programs, with additional experience coaching our youth program.


Warren began rowing  with the Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Club. He rowed at Gonzaga University throughout college and won a bronze medal at CRASH B Indoor World Championships. Warren competed for the Pocock High Performance Team, winning two National Championships in the Lt. Men's 1x.


Warren is also the head coach for the new Inglemoor High School program, so you can find him on the water if he's not coaching indoors!


Grant started rowing at the age of 13 for his high school in South Africa. He continued rowing through high school and university, winning National Championships at both levels. At college he began coaching high school sculling, and novice college sweep rowers. Grant enjoys bringing out the competitive nature in his athletes, so be sure to bring your A-game and your sweat towel to his classes. They will be a challenge!


_DSC7901 Brooke_edited.jpg

Brooke coaches Row Studio classes at Pocock. She is also a member and captain of Pocock’s competitive sweep team. Brooke started rowing at Middlebury College, where she was also team captain her senior year.


When not on the water or erg, Brooke is likely in lab. She is a research tech and lab manager in the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. In her free time, you can find her enjoying time outdoors, running, hiking, and snowboarding.


Having moved to Seattle recently from her home state of Vermont, Brooke is excited to become involved with PNW rowing.



Location: Join Pocock Rowing Center’s Row Studio to improve your physique in a fun, safe and judgment-free environment. You’ll be coached to properly train on the often misunderstood erg. Coaches will run you through a workout on and off the erg to enhance muscle building and fat burning. Come to RowStudio for an efficient, full-body workout.


Phone: (206) 308-0778



Parking: Parking can be found in Pocock marked spaces in the parking lot across the street from Row Studio, or if free space is limited, there is paid parking options in the same lot.

  • Can I row on the water? Not with Row Studio classes, but here is the link for Pocock's water classes!

  • What amenities do you offer? We have a men's and women's locker room as well as a cubby wall for you to store your belongings in. There is access to showers and bathrooms as well but please bring your own towel and soap. We have a great hydrating station for water bottles so you can effortlessly replenish your water bottle, and we also have a fountain for those that forget their bottle. If you’d like to store you items overnight, we offer monthly locker rentals for only $6.

  • What do I need to bring to an Erg Studio class? What do I wear? For Erg Studio classes it is best to wear athletic clothing that’s not too loose, such as leggings or more fitted shorts also t-shirts and tank tops are great. We have a great water fountain but we recommend that you bring a water bottle to the class.

  • What to expect? Walk down the stairs through the double doors into Pocock Rowing Center. In the main fitness area you will find your trainer, who will direct you to the changing rooms, water stations, and workout area. Pease arrive a few minutes early to warm up. Classes start punctually.

  • Can only experienced rowers participate in classes? No! We welcome all levels of fitness capabilities. From first day beginners to elite! We do hold “Fundamental” Row Studio classes if you want a class  that is dedicated to learning the mechanics of the stroke and we do recommend taking it if you are less familiar with the rowing machines. However, in the beginning of each class we have a dedicated warm up time so if you are new to the erg we can walk you through the stroke.

  • What are ergs/rowing machines? An erg is a word short word for ergometer, it is the machine used as on land rowing system. It measures things like time and meters as well as a plethora of information we can teach you about. Each erg has a screen that will give you real time results of how you are doing in your workout.

  • Do we only erg in classes or is there a mix of exercises? Depending on the class we have some that are only erg intensive, as well as some classes that are a mix of body weight exercises mixed in with a erg workout. Check the class schedule where we give more of an overview of what to expected from each class.

  • What muscles can I expect to workout while using the erg? Erging is a full body workout and a great way to get your heart pumping. Contrary to popular belief erging is more legs-oriented than arms. You're pushing through the stroke with your legs and it is only in the second half when you engage your arms to help complete the stroke. You can really expect to be using a lot of your leg and trunk muscles. Erging is a great way to tone your body and build lean muscle.