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Founded in 2023, the Pocock Rowing Club offers a "best in class" rowing experience for adults in the Seattle area. From Learn to Row to nationally competitive teams and private shell storage, the Pocock Rowing Club has a full portfolio of options for adult athletes, whether you are new to the sport, currently participating or are a returning athlete.  


In the legacy of George and Stanley Pocock, who believed in the educational power of rowing for youth, Pocock Youth Rowing is a community boathouse program offering a diverse array of age-appropriate, competitive, and high performance experiences to athletes in 7th through 12th grades. The program uses long-term athlete development and athlete-centered principles to guide its decision making and training curriculum. With inclusivity and trauma-informed coaching practices at the forefront, Pocock Youth Rowing fosters a space of community and support for all athletes.

Please consider making a donation to PRC.

These donations keep our programs running during challenging times.

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"Rowing a race is an art not a frantic scramble, it must be rowed with head power as well a muscular power.


From the first stroke, all thought of the other crew must be blocked out. Your thoughts must be directed to you and your own boat, always positively, never negative.


Row your optimum power every stroke, try and increase the optimum.  Men as fit as you, when your everyday strength is gone, can draw on a mysterious reservoir of power far greater.


Then it is you who can reach for the stars.

That is the only way championships are made.

That is the legacy rowing can leave you."


 - George Yeoman Pocock



3320 Fuhrman Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102, USA

Pocock Youth Rowing:

Youth: 206-686-5014

Pocock Rowing Club (adults) : 206-258-2555


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